Denne artikkelen omtaler et sted

Åpne i Oslo Bykart

ROM, Maridalsveien 3, a non profit organization, committed to promoting innovative art and architecture. ROM hosts exhibitions, lectures, conferences and organizes public art installations and events. Their program is intended to engage emerging issues in contemporary art and architecture and generate a vibrant dialogue between disciplines.

The gallery is located on the former Nora factories on Maridalsveien 3. The main space in the gallery is a 240 sqm exhibition area with 5 m ceiling height. The courtyard behind the gallery is frequently used for larger installations. 

The gallery moved to it’s current location in September 2005 following a merger between two precursor institutions: Gallery ROM (ROM gallery for arkitektur), founded in 1987 and Institutt for Romkunst , founded in 1988.